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Improvement of corrugated rib belt conveyor


1. Optimize the fuselage structure and manufacturing process
     The improved corrugated side belt conveyor body has a web structure as a whole, and the steel plate is integrally bent (maximum bending length up to 12 m), and bolted connection is used instead of welding.
2. Guidance agency
     In production practice, the Achilles heel of traditional corrugated sideband conveyors is the long-term severe friction between the edge of the conveyor belt and the rotating pulley, the vertical roller and the base belt, causing edge wear and baseband tearing after the conveyor belt is operated for a short time. , greatly reducing the service life of the corrugated sideband, and the corrugated sideband is expensive. Therefore, after in-depth analysis and repeated research, the main reason for this phenomenon is that the traditional rib conveyor frame adopts a welded structure and is equipped with a aligning roller, and the conveyor belt has a large deviation. In the past, the main measure to prevent the deviation of the conveyor belt is to control the base belt by the vertical roller to ensure the position of the conveyor belt, so that at least one side of the turning pressure roller contacts and rubs against the edge of the conveyor belt, so that the conveyor belt is gradually worn. The modified structure is to add two integrally vulcanized guiding triangular belts on the empty side of the corrugated side conveyor belt, and process the corresponding guiding grooves on the steering pinch roller, and ensure the conveyor belt by the cooperation of the guiding triangle belt and the guiding groove. The edges are not in direct contact with the steering pinch rolls. In addition, a plurality of small pressure rollers with guiding grooves are arranged in the middle of the body to limit the deviation of the conveyor belt, thereby eliminating the vertical rollers and avoiding the tearing of the base belt caused by the pressing of the vertical rollers and the two sides of the base belt, thereby ensuring The integrity of the baseband extends the life of the conveyor belt and the complete machine.

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