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Annular conveyor belt price fluctuation factor


1. It is strictly forbidden to use different quality belts together.
2. Use a rib conveyor to prevent folding and hard object pressure.
3. Do not let the belt run off or snake running during transportation, and adjust it in time.
4. The direction of the transported material and the speed at which the material falls must be consistent with the direction and speed of the belt.
5. The air machine is started to avoid the motor overload and the large angle conveyor belt slipping. Before stopping the machine, all the materials must be unloaded.
6. The tension of the rib conveyor belt should not be too large, and it should be used under the minimum tension.
7. In the use of the rib conveyor belt, how to use the sliding belt or the sliding belt in the fabric stalk conveyor belt, the fault should be eliminated in time, the tensioning system should be adjusted, and the elastic device should be kept flexible.
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