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Interfacial conveyor belt structure


The rib conveyor belt should pay attention to some details during the installation process in order to better enhance its use efficiency.
First, if the conveyor belt is replaced, the new belt can be attached to the old belt, and the unloading belt is carried out simultaneously with the installation of the new conveyor belt. Put a roll-sensitive shaft on the take-up core of the transport belt, and put the roll on the roll. Pay attention to the direction of the upper and lower covers before the frame is placed.
Secondly, the conveyor belt can be rolled to open the structure, and the rib conveyor belt should be installed with special attention to the problems, especially in some unsuitable work situations, so that the large radius of curvature of the conveyor belt at the folding rib can be increased, thereby reducing the transportation during transportation. The loss of the belt, the fold stops the placement of heavy objects on the conveyor belt.
Finally, after the position of the rib conveyor belt is positive, the correct installation method is used. The tape can be fixed at one end under the action of the clamp, and then the roller is connected with the rope of the pulley, and the conveyor passes the smooth conveying device. Pull the other end through the pulley and tighten the other end until the belt is not drooping significantly on the return roller.
The points mentioned above are related to "the problem that the rib conveyor belt structure should pay attention to when you disassemble the rib conveyor belt installation". I believe that after reading the introduction of this article, I will have some understanding of this aspect. It is also a good solution to the problems that should be paid attention to when installing the rib conveyor belt.
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