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Large angle conveyor belt


The large dip angle conveyor belt is mainly composed of three parts: base belt, rib and diaphragm. In production and use, in order to avoid the slippage of the material, the flange is designed to be corrugated, which can bypass the roller and block the material from scattering. The diaphragm can support the material, and the T-TC type is a common type. The method of secondary vulcanization is connected with the base tape to form a flange and a diaphragm, and the joint strength is high.
The large angle conveyor belt can reach 30~90 degrees, the angle is high, and it can smoothly transition from horizontal to inclined. The conveying capacity is large, and it can be used in powdery, granular, small block, paste and liquid materials that are easy to be scattered. Carry it out. The lifting height is higher, the floor space is small, and the large angle conveyor belt avoids the factor of material scattering. In use, low energy consumption, simple structure, high tape strength and long service life.

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