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The reason of transportation deviation


The belt conveyor mainly realizes the conveying function of materials by the reciprocating operation of rubber belt with toughness and deflection. The belt is tensioned by the tensioner in a ring-shaped way after encircling the driving and driven rollers. The materials on its upper working surface are supported by the supporting roller group arranged by the whole machine and can be operated by the friction between the driving roller and the belt body;
Due to its large transportation capacity, low energy consumption, simple structure, convenient maintenance and strong all-weather adaptability, the belt conveyor is mostly used for conveying cold materials among the users of the mixing station, which adopts cotton canvas rubber as the skeleton material and wear-resistant rubber as the covering layer. The common methods of belt joint on site include:
The strength of the mechanical joint is 35% of the belt strength, which is mostly used for emergency maintenance;
The cold bonding joint cuts the cloth at the joint and the covering adhesive layer into symmetrical steps. After the cloth layer is roughened, cleaned and coated with adhesive for several times, the two ends of the cloth layer are closed and pressurized, and it can be cured at room temperature for two hours. This method is convenient and fast, and the joint strength can reach 70% of the belt body;
The hot vulcanization joint is also cut into steps at the joint. After cleaning, the two ends of the joint can be put into the vulcanization equipment to pressurize and increase the temperature. The strength of this method can reach 95% of the belt body strength and the durable time is long. Therefore, the hot vulcanization joint is widely used in the maintenance of the belt conveyor in the mixing station;
The tensioning mechanism of belt conveyor equipment is divided into screw type, heavy hammer type and winch type, and the driving device includes motor, coupling, reducer, brake, driving drum, etc. Although there are many belt conveyor lines, the faults in use need to be known in advance to prevent.
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