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Name:Large angle conveyor

Brand:Baotong Belt



Time:2017-07-11 10:45:39

Large angle conveyor, also known as wave conveyor, is a kind of conveyor, in particular the use of restrictions, large angle conveyor in the use of the process has many advantages. Inclined conveyor has the advantages of general belt conveyor has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, more large transmission angle, compact structure, less land occupation, in recent years, large lifting height, transport volume has developed rapidly, it is widely used.
The barrier belt is composed of base band, barrier and partition board. The baseband appearance is the same as that of the ordinary belt, but the lateral rigidity is greater. The retaining edge is wavy. The diaphragm can be divided into T, C and TC according to its different sections. T model is applied to the inclination angle is smaller than 40 DEG C occasions for angle beta >40 degrees and the material situations better liquidity and TC for angle beta >40 degrees, the material of high viscosity, the viscosity of the occasion.
Large angle conveyor widely used, mainly used in shafts, coal mines, subways, dump boats, continuous ship unloader, food, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement and other fields.

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Large angle conveyor


Time:2017-07-11 10:45:39

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