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Name:Large inclined belt

Brand:Baotong Belt



Time:2017-07-11 10:46:43

Application method of large inclination conveyor belt
1. in use, it is forbidden to connect different kinds of tapes with different specifications.
2. in use to prevent folding, hard phase pressure. Should be taken, used and kept.
3. the direction of the conveying material and the speed of material falling are consistent with the direction and speed of the belt.
4., before use, usually empty the machine to start, so as to avoid the motor overload and large angle conveyor belt slipping, before stopping, all the material should be unloaded.
5., in use, tension should not be too large, should be with the drive roller does not slip and material is not transit under the premise of ensuring minimum tension work.
6. in the conveying belt deviation or not to make the hunting operation, should be timely adjustment.
7., the use of slip or pull in the phenomenon, should promptly troubleshoot, adjust the tension system, keep the elastic device flexible.

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Time:2017-07-11 10:46:43

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