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Name:Corrugated belt

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Time:2017-07-11 11:00:53

Corrugated belt is a common form of modern transportation. As a new way of material transportation, it has been used in ports, power, metallurgy, mining, coal, grain, chemical and other fields.
Comfortable structure: corrugated belt conveyor belt is divided into: baseband, barrier, diaphragm.
1. base band: consists of upper cover rubber, lower cover rubber and belt core. With core materials under tension, cotton canvas, nylon canvas, polyester canvas or rope as the main material, the use of special reinforcing layer, so the transverse rigidity baseband strengthened, meet the requirements of GB/T7984-2001 standard.
2. tilt angle notice: when the inclination angle is greater than 40 degrees, the diaphragms are of type C, TC or TCS. When the angle of the conveyor is less than 40 degrees, the diaphragms are of type T or TS.
When arranging the diaphragm spacing, the wave crest corresponding to the wave retaining edge shall be considered to prevent the material from leaking from the two seams and causing dead ends when the material is unloaded.

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Corrugated belt


Time:2017-07-11 11:00:53

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