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Name:High strength corrugated belt conveyor

Brand:Baotong Belt



Time:2017-07-11 10:38:58

The high strength corrugated skirt conveyor belt is divided into two parts: skirts, no clapboard, conveyor belts and skirts, clapboard and conveyor belts. The utility model can continuously carry various bulk materials at any angle with 0-90 degrees. The utility model has the advantages of large inclination angle, wide application range and small occupation area. The utility model has the advantages of no transshipment point, low investment in civil construction, low maintenance cost, large conveying capacity, etc., and solves the transportation angle that can not be reached by the ordinary conveyer belt or the pattern conveyer belt. The corrugated retaining belt can be designed into a complete conveying system according to the requirements, so as to avoid the intermittent lifting and the complex conveying lifting system.
The corrugated belt can transport various kinds of bulk materials along the horizontal, inclined, vertical and angular directions, from coal, ore, sand to chemical fertilizer and grain.
Material size is not limited, can be from small to large size of 400mm, transport volume from 1 cubic meters / hour to 6000 cubic meters / hour.
2 baseband
The base band is made up of four parts: upper cover rubber, lower cover rubber, belt core and transverse rigid layer. The thickness of the covering rubber is generally 3-6mm; the thickness of the lower coating is generally 1.5-4.5mm. The core material bears tensile force and can be made of cotton canvas (CC), nylon canvas (NN), polyester canvas (EP) or steel wire rope (ST). In order to increase the lateral rigidity of the base band, a special strengthening layer is added to the core, called a transverse rigid layer. The width and specifications of the baseband are the same as those of the ordinary tape, and conform to the standard of GB/T7984-2001.
3 skirts and partitions
The skirt edge and the partition board are bonded on the base band by two low temperature vulcanization.

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High strength corrugated belt conveyor


Time:2017-07-11 10:38:58

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